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Zephyr Flash Reference Sheet Male Form by ZephyrFlash
Zephyr Flash Reference Sheet Male Form
Here is my new reference sheet for my OC Zephyr Flash. More refs will come in the future.

Tumblr Post:…

Name: Zephyr Flash

Age: 18 (physical age)

Species: Alicorn, Wolf, Fox Hybrid

Height: 5’2” (62in or 157.5cm)

Weight: 150 pounds (68kg)

Mother: Glimmer Zephyr

Father: Lightning Flash

Birthplace: Canterlot Castle


Zephyr Flash is quite literally the embodiment of hope and infinite possibilities. At the same time however, Zephyr is also the example of life long struggles. In his ancient life, as far he knows, he was able to live a good life. Despite the fact of his ancient birth over 1000 years ago, his current reincarnation is riddled with problems ranging from physical and mental abuse to even his loss of any childhood. Now on his own after countless problems with his previous guardians, Zephyr seeks to find himself, in hopes to one day uncover the reason of why he exists.

Accolades and Achievements and Additional Info:

-The Prince of Hope (although he never comes to refer himself as a prince)

-General of the Omnis Guard

-Holds two Omni Spirits (his own soul and one other spirit, named Tails)

-Withholds a dark power inside

-Close Friend of Celestia, Luna, Chrysalis, and Cadence

-Is the father of Crescent Howl (living) and former coltfriend of Wolf Howl (MIA)

-Has the ability to morph into any species and to switch his own gender at will

-Has partial immortality

-Rare example as a born alicorn

-Was born with his infinity cutie mark

-Was born during a Blizzard (in both his current and ancient life)

-Further information is classified from this document-

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Zephyr is a MARE by ZephyrFlash
Zephyr is a MARE
A pic where Zephyr goes and does some r63 action!
Go on my Tumblr if you want to find out the story! ^^

Tumblr Post:…


ZephyrFlash's Profile Picture

Artist | Varied
United States
Hey everyone, everypony, everybody (whatever suits you). Now I what I might write may bore you, and if so then go on your own usual business or otherwise just keep on reading. Now I'm here because I feel that this may help me become a better person. Whatever I may post out, immerse yourself into the pictures and other arts of work that I may put out. Whatever it may be, whether it's a picture like this or some sex scene (I dunno if I'll make that but still), I'm trying to become something that will help me build my future. Whether you think this is a viable proposition or not, it's totally your opinion. But in the end, all I ask for is your support, whether you're a furry, brony, anime (fan), or everything else that you may be. Your support could be anything: it could be a donation, commission offer (to me or to yourself, if that makes sense), or even a comment on the picture. And I welcome opinions, as long as it's helpful and meant to be friendly. I know there will be people who will try to bring me down with negative statements and such. But that's ok. I fine with it. Speak your mind if you have to. Don't hold back.
Oh, I also do other things like making music so if you like, follow me around on the links below!

Thanks everyone, hope I "see" you real soon.

Contact Email:





--Zephyr Flash

Just some more stuff below... :)

Link to help you understand this:…
By :icontechno103:
1. a good artist
2. dark blue
3. water,
4. your mane oc
5.stay a human r be a pony
6. your a cool frind
7. flash bang
8.injoying today
9. steel being made
10. post this journal if you want

By :icontrace-101:
1. A great artist, and an even better musician.
2. Light, pastel blue
3. um.. wind, or air.
4. Zephyr!
5. On my OC, a piano keyboard.
6. Your a well-rounded person; in other words, you're good at everything.
7. "Zephy" sounds too dumb, so I'll stick with Zephyr.
8. (was) practicing piano
9. I'ma get to that....
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